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Join our big community of moto-sisters! Expand your network. Connect with like-minded female+ riders. Share knowledge, experiences and business.
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Community Guidelines

What are our COMMUNITY values?

Passion for motorcycles and the longing for adventure and + female empowerment is what unites us. Let’s connect anytime, anywhere. You have sisters just around the corner, but also on each and every continent.

Stronger together – while having more fun as we go along! Each moto-sister is here to support one another, paving the way for greater inclusion and connection.

Every womxn within our Petrolettes COMMUNITY is unique and has valuable skills and experience. We celebrate those characteristics and share these with our sisters to be inspired. Your creative ideas contribute to a motorcycle industry where females+* are ever more inclusive.

Let’s create a community platform that belongs to every womxn.
We are a colorful place and truly accept every sister. Respecting each other regardless of background, riding style or personal interests is our core value.
We enjoy learning from one another and always treat all our sisters in a welcoming and helpful way.

Empowering womxn is our top priority. Our COMMUNITY passionately encourage one another to seize control and take the handlebars into their hands.
Our vision is to witness more womxn on motorcycles, fearlessly exploring the world on two wheels. Let’s ride towards a brighter, more inclusive future together and respect a safe space which caterers to female+ riders.

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